Coda Associates are a dedicated team of specialists in custom programming & software, consultation, IT and App Development, whose aim is to provide new concepts to businesses in order to save them time and money.

Whether this is through gaining more business from web sites and online marketing or to designing and developing software packages that better suit the needs of the business when off the shelf programs just don’t cut it.


Coda Associates are also the developers and international distributors of Pet Tech Pro’s,

Pet Resort, kennel, hotel management package.

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Have our dedicated team of professionals help you take the stress away from your computing problems

What our users say about Pet Tech Pro:

“I have only been using the Pet Tech Pro system for about a month now but have found it to be very helpful. It has been an easy system to learn and understand. Information on both clients and their pets is easily accessible when needed. The graphs and statistics that relate to housing and the amount of pets that are booked in allow Samford Pet Resort to function smoothly.”

Rachel Stuart (Reception) Samford Pet Resort

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